​​We are located in Queens, New York, one of the food capitals of the world. In producing over 100 items we are known for our different flavored fish balls and dumplings.

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve we are always testing new ideas and products for our diversifying and ever changing marketplace. Ri Wang USA always provides products that will meet your needs and increase your profitability.Ultimately, when your business is a success, we are successful.         

我們生產基地位於美國紐約市, 世界食品之都, 由美國農業部認証監制, 有著多元化風味食品系列, 通過批發大型超市系統配送於全美國加拿大市場銷售. 我們為你提供優質的產品和服務, 將滿足您的需求並提高你的盈利. 您的盈利就是我們的成功.